1. Die Lehre vom Großen Rad (Learning by Listening Vol. 8)
    Schmitz & Niebuhr & Lothringer

  2. A Fragmented Metropolis
    German Army / hyacinth.

  3. Chill Noise

  4. Modern Tavla (Learning by Listening Vol. 7)
    Chorchill featuring Apel Okuyan

  5. Shapes, for Experts
    The Center for Understanding New Trigonometries

  6. Origin Stories

  7. Visiting Places (Learning by Listening Vol. 5)
    Uli Federwisch & Chip Perkins

  8. Interference Patterns
    Antonello Perfetto and Gregory Nieuwsma

  9. Abstruse Theories in Occult Christian Science (Learning by Listening Vol. 4)
    bleed Air

  10. Plaza Centraal
    Ergo Phizmiz ft. Depresstival

  11. Enjoying Nature (Learning by Listening Vol. 3)
    Goodparley and Poppy Jennings

  12. Aether / Flux
    Smylex Attack / ardor.

  13. A Dream Favors Incompleteness
    German Army

  14. An Introduction to Bangara-Rossa (Learning by Listening Vol. 2)
    Instituto Bangara-Rossa Internacional

  15. One Dazzling Moment
    Perkins & Federwisch

  16. Bellectronic (1980-1984)
    Meurig Elis Huws

  17. Bottletown

  18. C.M.S.O. (Learning by Listening Vol. 1)
    Orca, Attack!

  19. Nun Darme Stu Turmiento

  20. love in the time of lowercase
    Cacero Lazo

  21. Lax Myths / Essentially Negative
    Dere Moans / Horselover Flats

  22. Elmyr
    Ergo Phizmiz

  23. Ulterior Frequencies
    moduS ponY

  24. Theme∞Variations
    Whettman Chelmets / qualchan.

  25. Lozenge
    The Tuesday Night Machines

  26. Peter C. Bruno - Be Linear
    Strategic Tape Reserve Staff

  27. Nachtfisch

  28. 12 Worlds

  29. "Heir Bud"

  30. Vanguard Youth

  31. Hurricane of Passion (theme from Psy-Chopper Team 12)
    Uli Federwisch

  32. Mighty Giant Pinky - Tribute to Satanicpornocultshop
    Various Artists

  33. Ballermann Partykeller
    „DJ VLK”

  34. Roof Tent Rhythms
    The Tuesday Night Machines

  35. the end of all seasons.

  36. Musik für Spülmaschine und Synthesizer
    Severino Pfifferling

  37. Plays The Vitamin B12
    Nicholas Langley

  38. ShopLand World: Music for a Discovery Park of Miniature Supermarkets
    Various Artists

  39. Y Côd Da Vinci
    Gwasg Gelert

  40. Doesn't Remember...
    Whettman Chelmets

  41. For A Ride

  42. (split)
    moduS ponY & VLK

  43. Hawaiian Yurt Music
    The Tuesday Night Machines

  44. These Carbon-Composite Poles Are Made For Walkin'
    Various Artists

  45. Traditions from a Vestigial Intranet
    Emerging Industries of Wuppertal

    Suko Pyramid and moduS ponY

  47. Let's Break Things
    The Blank Holidays

  48. Super Dolomiti Crunch
    The Tuesday Night Machines

  49. Везде

  50. Systems for Simulating Professional Music
    Emerging Industries of Wuppertal

  51. Phonogetic Ouch
    moduS ponY

  52. Avril and Sean in Camden

  53. Organic Architecture
    Youth Championships

  54. Very Warm Regards
    Mr. & Mrs. Chip Perkins

  55. (Split)
    moduS ponY and Belmont Lacroix

  56. Transformation Cues
    Emerging Industries of Wuppertal

  57. Rialto Boulevard
    Belmont Lacroix

  58. Music for Euronews

  59. Jack Wolfskin Made Me Hardcore

  60. Augmented Folk Ballads of the Leine Plain
    The Modern Door

  61. Wild Parvenu: Maxi-Single
    Beauty Product

  62. The End of Music

  63. Efficient Processes for Synthetic Funk
    Strategic Tape Reserve Staff

  64. The Modern Door Live (only cassette)
    The Modern Door

  65. Shaq Fu: Da Return: Da Return


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