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Mighty Giant Pinky - Tribute to Satanicpornocultshop

by Various Artists



A collection of music in memory of Ugh Yoing, the collage-composition and electronic music genius behind Satanicpornocultshop.

Curated by Ergo Phizmiz-Mittelhammer

* * *

In memory of our old good friend, Ugh Yoing a.k.a. Takuya Karusawa (Satanicpornocultshop), “The Mighty Giant Pinky” begins with a motif from one of his recent work “Gundensan e.p (2017)” which is coproduced with us, ORRORINZ. We played instruments along some favorite phrases from his works in mid to late 2000s including sample of voices of Ugh’s daughters. A motif from “Gundensan e.p” appears again in the end of the track with expectations on rest of Satanicpornocultshop members, the beautiful guys. Good news, they are keeping on playing and producing music as Satanicpornocultshop after Ugh’s wishes.

Another track “BIIB” is based on an idea of Comzo, the bassist of ORRORINZ. Comzo featured unforgettable riffs for him from a very early day’s almost unknown CD-R which was given by Ugh in late 90s.

Ugh used to say to me “Life is short, so you’ve gotta rush” . But his life was taken suddenly by cancer at age of 50, his life was too short. He didn’t drink nor smoke, so nobody could imagine that. We are still in feeling of huge loss, sadness and emptiness. But we will keep on going.

Ugh, you used to work so hard. Just take a rest in peace.

Taiki “Fiftystorm” Igarashi (ORRORINZ a.k.a orionza)

* * *

Back in the golden days of the internet, when people used to do things like share information, exciting things used to happen. One of these exciting things was an international, loosely woven scene of musical adventurers. Across the high seas of cyberspace they would wantonly flout copyright law and the limits of genre, making indefinable music with computers that didn't fit into any comfortable bracket and operated in a place that had nothing to do with the music industry. Fun times.

During these heady days I happily rode along on this wave of invention. Going on the internet was exciting because, who knows, you might have gone online and found a piece of music that was not directly comparable to anything you had listened to before.

This, with bells on, went to everything Satanicpornocultshop put out. The level of invention, and the radical use of and interaction with technology to create musical shapes in their work repeatedly exploded my young, impressionable little mind.

Anytime a new Satapo release came out, it made me think "I must try harder".

This release is an attempt to say the old adage "Thanks for the music" and to demonstrate the profound effect Ugh Yoing's work had on a generation of composers in the naughty underbelly of electronic music.

I am, as ever, your humble servant,

Ergo Phizmiz-Mittelhammer


released February 14, 2020




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