Rialto Boulevard

by Belmont Lacroix



released June 12, 2016

Vocals: Belmont Lacroix
Synthesizer: Belmont Lacroix




Strategic Tape Reserve Cologne, Germany

The Strategic Tape Reserve, headquartered in Cologne, West Germany, is a fully independent (non-aligned, secular) organization dedicated to the dissemination and responsible management of ferric cassette material and content.

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Track Name: What's That Dead Man Doing?
The Benedictines
Don't know what to do
It's a long hard road down to the river
There are children outside the spielhalle
Who will make you feel unsafe
And no one wants to say
What we are all thinking
I've earned the right to calm the bluff
I got Brooklyn branded foot creams that you didn't know there was
I've followed all the rules
I hear them shouting out
And I don't want to lose

What's that dead man doing?

The men's magazines
Don't know what to say
It's a long hard road down to the river
You got children outside the schpielhalle
Who will take you life away
And no one is willing to make
The hard decision
I don't do well being idle
I got the collected works of Lee Iacoca on 180g vinyl
The rules are clear in the game we play
That's why it hurts to hear them say

What's that dead man doing?
Track Name: Burning Out The Streetlights
He knows the way through Neuland park
But only when it's getting dark
He runs against the the empty souls
The night is blank, the bridge is closed
And from the Rheinblick one can tell
That this day isn't ending well

We can try to get the fever down
If we only want to feel alright
There's fighting in the Chempark now
So we're burning out the streetlights
And we knows what should be said out loud
But noone want to see the light
So their fighting in the Chempark now
There's no where else to be tonight

She's past the yankee candle shoppe
It's pouring rain, not gonna stop
The upstairs window casting shadows red
On pedestrian street torn by tank tread
The burning plastic draws a crowd
So Marktplatz bonfires don't go out
Track Name: Rialto Boulevard
It's raining on my kaesebroetchen
And also in my heart
A barren stretch of concrete
Can smash the world apart
Now under opaque plexiglass
In it's soft shadows
You'd likely say it's not that bad
As infrastructure goes

And I'm
Standing here
On Rialto Boulevard
And your train
Pulls in
I can see it past the Mr Chicken

Through the off-brand outer wear
The sleeveless and the pink
Waft the bus fumes of tomorrow,
A bitter morning drink
The overhead digital time display
Has stopped, or maybe slowed
You wouldn't go to Langenfeld if
You knew what I know

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