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Augmented Folk Ballads of the Leine Plain

by The Modern Door

Trinkhalle 02:30
Last Night 03:32
Rhino 05:10
Tunak 01:01
The Old Look 03:06
Calling You 01:41


Doom-Folk, Drone-Polka and Psychedelic Death Schlager from Lower Saxony.

Also available on cassette in mid-May 2015.

In late 2014, Strategic Tape Reserve Ethnographic Division commissioned a team of field researchers to travel inland on the River Leine and document the customs of the peoples inhabiting settlements along its banks.

The party, beset by misfortune from the outset, was ill-equipped to operate in such a hostile landscape. Communication with Cologne was agitated and infrequent, then unintelligible, and then it stopped. Their boat was discovered, abandoned, by a Nordic Walking Verein near Göttingen. Among the detritus indicative of human minds progressively becoming insane, the vessel contained the audio recordings presented on this album.

Do these offer any hint of what happened to the team? We've been advised not to speculate. What we can say is that the songs appear to have been performed by persons associated with the Modern Door group, a shadowy organization thought to be active in this region.

The music is languid and menacing, roiling and immersive - alluvial fragments of song carried into a strange territory. At the sonic confluence of Heino and Keiji Haino, one finds the Augmented Folk Ballads of the Leine Plain.


released April 25, 2015




Strategic Tape Reserve Sant Pere De Ribes, Spain

The Strategic Tape Reserve is a fully independent (non-aligned, secular) organization dedicated to the dissemination and responsible management of ferric cassette material and content.

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